Our pre-design services help ensure your project's profitability early in the development process

LCOE Forecast Modeling

LCOE forecast modeling helps you analyze technology and project cost options before settling on a particular project configuration. Our process includes comparing LCOE and associated capital costs across different project technology types. The typical deliverable for this service is a brief report detailing which technology options are best suited to your project.

Project Design Optimization

Fundamentally, design optimization is the process of matching a project site with the right combination and placement of modules, inverters and racking and BOS. We begin by considering factors like site size and topography, available irradiance, and PPA structure where applicable. Based on these factors, we help you understand the range of relevant design options, the costs and benefits associated with each option, and provide actionable advice on which technology choices are optimal for your project.

Performance Modeling

Performance modeling provides you—whether you are a developer, EPC, or financier—with the right energy production number to plug into a project’s financial model. Our expert modelers provide clients with accurate and bankable energy forecast models for a wide range of site locations, climates, irradiance levels, and projects system configurations.

Site Services

When you engage our support siting your project, you simplify and streamline your project due diligence process. On your behalf, we identify the appropriate siting scope activities in order to control your project design and engineering costs. On your behalf, we manage the execution of various studies required to define and optimize site civil design including geotechnical studies, pile pull tests, and corrosion analyses.

SD+E offers turnkey design services for our commercial and utility scale projects. This reduces headaches for us and simplifies our design and approval process. We know that with SD+E, important design decisions are weighed with the whole project in mind.

Nick de Vries, Director of Engineering, Phoenix Solar US


Low Voltage Electrical Engineering

Our low voltage electrical engineers design the electrical system for your project from the modules to the grid (for net-metered projects) or from the modules to the inverter (for medium and high voltage projects). We draft multiple design scenarios for your team to compare and contrast in order to settle on a design that reduces capital cost and increases system energy output. In addition, our electrical engineering outputs include system grounding and system configurations that optimize the inverter’s loading to extract the most energy from your photovoltaic system.

Medium Voltage Electrical Engineering

Medium Voltage engineering is essentially what must happen to tie any power generation system to the grid. Our medium voltage electrical engineers design the wire and conduits needed to collect AC power after it is inverted and interface with the utility to make sure the grid protection design complies with NEC code and the utility’s standards. With over 20 years of experience designing utilty-scale PV systems, our engineers understand the protection schemes that properly isolate the system from the power grid and can work with utilities to optimize capital investment and code compliance.

Civil Engineering

Civil designs must comply with environmental permits and local codes and standards. Our engineers interface with civil surveyors and permit agencies to ensure a compliant design and to generate the civil details needed for ground mount project sites such as access roads, grading, erosion control and fencing.

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering includes creating a design that considers the all of site’s study inputs like the geotechnical and corrosion reports and the specific site conditions like wind loads and surrounding structures or terrain. This includes confirming a roof’s ability to support a solar array for rooftop projects and the foundation/ground’s capability to support a solar array for a ground-mounted project. Our experienced structural engineers expertly design code compliant and safe systems while considering install efficiency and capital costs.

Design Sets

The drawing set is the end product of the design and engineering process. A well-designed set reduces risk for the owner because the scope to the subcontractors is conveyed cleanly and accurately, thus the subcontractor can accurately bid the project without building in extra costs to protect their budget. Our sets are code compliant drawings sets that include all civil, structural, electrical and mechanical details required to plan and build the solar project as well as any supporting documents for permit approval and use during construction. Clients can influence the design package to reflect conditions and design approaches that are unique to their own projects like special wiring methods, communications equipment and site layout planning.



This 27MWDC ground-mount fixed tilt system is one of the largest photovoltaic solar farms in Georgia.

The project interconnects to the grid at 25kV.

This project is owned by a developer selling power to the local utility through a 20-year PPA.

Solvida Design + Engineering provided the following services:

  • Engineer of Record
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Interconnection Engineering
  • Structural Engineering

PROJECT STATUS / Operational


This 68MWDC fixed tilt ground-mount system is one of the largest projects in the Pacific Islands.


A PV project developer, who is selling power to the local utility through a 20-year PPA, owns this project.


Solvida Design + Engineering provided the following services:

  • Engineer of Record
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering


PROJECT STATUS / In Permit Phase


This 3.3MWDC portfolio includes 32 separate carport systems ranging in size from 30KW to 650KW.

Each system received DSA permit approvals.

Borrego Solar Systems Inc. is the project developer, installer, and owner of these PV solar systems.


Solvida Design + Engineering provided the following services:


  • Electrical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering




Photo courtesy of Borrego Solar Systems, Inc.


This 18MWDC ground-mount tracker system is the largest PV solar farm in its Mid-Atlantic state. The project interconnects to the grid at 115kV.


This project is owned by a developer selling power to the local utility through a 20-year PPA.


Solvida Design + Engineering provided the following services:

  • Engineer of Record
  • LV/MV Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering


PROJECT STATUS / In Construction


This 1.3MWDC ground-mount tracker system is the first commercial installation utilizing the revolutionary ATI Dura-Track v3 system.

This project is owned by a local electrical co-operative in New Mexico.

Solvida Design + Engineering provided the following services:

  • Engineer of Record
  • Low Voltage Electrical Engineering
  • Interconnection Design
  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering


PROJECT STATUS  /  Operational


Photo courtesy of Array Technologies, Inc.


Stephen Smith, Co-founder
Respected industry thought leader in system optimization and LCOE reduction with 15 years of experience developing commercial and utility scale solar projects. Expert understanding of project design and deployment honed over 200MW+ of successful project execution.

Erika Kemp, Co-founder
Experienced entrepreneur with 5+ years in PV solar. Architect of Solvida Energy Group’s growth strategy which has yielded an average of 70%+ year-over-year growth since 2010.

Tarek Khoury, VP of Engineering
Mechanical Professional Engineer with 15 years experience in industrial and utility power systems and extensive EPC experience in distributed generation and utlity-scale solar PV projects. Led Chevron Energy Solutions Engineering Team in design development of 100MW of constructed, ground-mount PV solar projects.

Scott Skinner, Senior Project Engineer
10-year industry veteran who has worked with PowerLight, Chevron, and DNV-GL. Served as project designer for 200MW of solar projects. Deep understanding of how to integrate various design engineering inputs to form clear and comprehensive design sets.

Charles Cunha, Senior Electrical Engineer
Master of high voltage and medium voltage design with 31+ years Electrical Engineering experience. Brings seasoned utility background to our team.

Simmie Graves, Senior Civil Engineer
AutoCAD Civil 3D expert with 25 years experience as civil engineer and architect. Provided civil design for more than 40 solar projects.



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